Log Splitter, Lawn Edger & Whites Metal Detector

Which Log Splitter Is The Right One For Me?

Firewood has become one of the most inexpensive alternatives to fuel due to its availability and low cost. If you’re already sick and tired of cutting firewood, you’re probably in the market for the best log splitter. If you search leads you to the internet, you’re most likely going to find way too many makes and models to choose from. To make it simple, log splitters can be split into three main types: hydraulic, electric and gas log splitters.

Log Splitter

The Hydraulic Log Splitter

Hydraulic log splitters are a simple pump model in action: force applied to one area is transmitted to the other side using fluid. You split the logs by applying force to the arm of the pump; it is similar to the concept of a hydraulic car jack. Hydraulic log splitters require you to manually feed the wood and some ax work on your behalf. If the wood is too large for the splitter, you’re going to cut some large logs manually before feeding it to the splitter again.

RAM & Price

Hydraulic log splitters are known for their power and capability to split through stubborn wood. How fast and how powerful a log splitter can be depends on what we call the splitting force or the RAM (tons). Since manual labor is involved, much of the equation depends on how fast you can apply force to the hydraulic pump’s lever. Prices of such splitters are quite modest, but do not fare well on the price paid vs. benefits received scale.

The Electric Log Splitter

Electric log splitters are completely automated. All you have to do is load the log and wait for the log splitter to split your wood smoothly. If logs are still too big, grab hold of one of the smaller logs, and repeat the process! Although electric log splitters require manual feeding of wood, no ax work is required. They can be either loaded horizontally or vertically or both. For example, Northstar log splitters have two in one splitters for the price of one.

Vertical splitters are ideal for areas with slopes and forests because of their safety. Homeowners usually prefer the horizontal model because of its ease of use and impeccable performance.


An electric hydraulic log splitter takes its power from a small engine attached to it. This engine is directly connected to the hydraulic pump that does all the work for you. In this field, Troy-Bilt log splitters are especially known for their powerful engines according to the customer base.

Power & Price

An electric hydraulic splitter is an excellent deal on the RAM vs. price comparison. The RAM power can reach up to 40 tons and it’s still on budget. Home users may opt for 6 or 12 ton, while professional users find the 20 or 40 ton log splitters necessary.

The Gas Log Splitter

Gas log splitters are like electric splitters in specifications but obviously a different power source – fuel. Since fuel rates are so high nowadays, people tend to to shy away from gas log splitter. However, we all know gas prices are not going to stay forever. Now’s a great chance to get one at a steal!

In a nutshell, picking a log splitter depends on your daily use and budget.


Choosing the Right Lawn Edger

Edging your lawn is probably the most tiring thing to do especially if you don’t have the muscles and the right gadgets to do the job. If you would hire someone to do the job, then you need to spend money to pay for the guy. Well, now is the time when we should learn how to do things on our own due to the worldwide economic crisis, we rather spend the money to buy a lawn edger rather than paying monthly cost to let someone do the edging. To get the job done in style, we should know what lawn edger is the right lawn edger to do the job.

Lawn Edger

Choosing a lawn edger is choosing the type of edger that suites your personality. It is like a sniper choosing the right firearm or a racer choosing the right car to win him the race. There is a lot of lawn edger present in the stores for you to tackle and choose from. Knowing their specifications  and their irregularities would help you choose the right outdoor power tools for your project.

Gas Powered Lawn Edger

The gas powered lawn edgers are those that are run by gas. They are powerful and effective in cutting large sized lawns. These edgers may have the blade cutters or the string cutters. You should consider this cutters if you are working on a large lawn. However, gas powered edgers emit fumes that is unhealthy and non-eco friendly. They have a noisy motor that others find irritating.

Electric Lawn Edger

The electric lawn edgers are the battery operated and the rechargeable edgers. One thing that makes them different from the gas powered edgers is the absence of fumes and its quiet motor.  They are smooth cutters and have clean results. However, these electric edgers are designed to withstand only light terrains and dry conditions. Reviews say that using these edgers in moist conditions result in electrical defects.

Overall, all types of lawn edgers are considered reliable and would make edging your lawn as easy as “1,2,3”. All you need to do is to know what kind of a worker are you so you can pick the right lawn edger to help you do the job with style and effectively.


Whites Metal Detector

Whites metal detector is considered to be one of the most popular brands of the metal detector equipment which commonly used by many people throughout this world. Metal detectors are like cars, they have many different technologies, features, and performance characteristics for their intended use. Equally, this Whites metal detector has certain technologies, features, and performance which attract consumer to buy this product.

When purchasing a metal detector, it is important to consider what type of metal detecting you will do most often, and prioritize according to your typical usage. If you want to buy Whites metal detector, these are going to give you some reviews related to it. So you will have a picture about certain Whites metal detector you are going to buy.

Whites DFX Spectrum E Series Metal Detector

Whites DFX Spectrum E Series Metal Detector comes with multiple frequency operation. This Whites metal detector hunts in 3 kHz, 15 kHz, or uses both frequencies simultaneously. Best Data displays the most reliable target info, or use Correlate to reject iron and other questionable targets.

Whites Metal Detector

Moreover, this Whites DFX Spectrum E Series Metal Detector uses EEPROM hunting programs. Use these Pro-designed programs or erase them and create, name and store your own custom metal detector programs.

In addition, this Whites metal detector is completely automatic, professionally engineered metal detector programs for high performance. With 10 Basic Adjustments and 34 Pro Options, it adjusts virtually every aspect of your metal detector hunting. Popular adjustments include Tone I.D., Sweep Speed, Silent Search, Fade Rate, Recovery Speed, Block Edit, Auto Trace® Speed and more.

Whites IDX Pro Metal Detector with Trigger Pinpointing

The Classic IDX Pro analog metal detector has enhanced sensitivity with dual filters. This Whites metal detector is equipped with handle mounted LCD with graphics which provide visual I.D. in eight categories.

The features of this Whites metal detector are delivered as follows:
1. Patent pending “Flash Phase” technology
2. Two search modes
3. Preset ground rejection
4. Trigger mode changing and pinpointing
5. Variable sens and audio disc
6. Frequency and Normal / Black sand switch for extreme conditions
7. Factory preset control markings (rings or coins)
8. Adjustable arm-set and rod set. 1/4 inch stereo HP jack, includes Whites stereo headphones with right and left volume controls
9. Drop-in “AA” battery pack (holds 8). Interchangeable BM 950 loop
10. Sand Scoop and dirt knife with leather holder and Whites carrying bag

Whites Bulls-eye Pinpointed Metal Detector

Whites newest model, the Bulls-eye II speeds target recovery by quickly letting you know where the target is: in the bottom of the hole, side of the hole, turf flap, or in the pile of dirt removed from the hole. This Whites metal detector is designed to be fully automatic. Simple and efficient, the Bulls-eye is a silent search unit with an audio sound loud enough to feel in your hand. Once the general location has been pinpointed with a conventional detector, near surface metals can easily be located with the Bulls-eye, avoiding serious digging altogether.